2018-02-25 16:17:00

What to do when the sun comes out in Buenos Aires


answer : go for a swim in one of the pool of the city. Let’s get your
swimming suit and your sunglasses, here is our selection :



PARQUE NORTE (Belgrano) : It is a big
aquatique center about more than 4500m
²  which opens his doors from December to march. You will find 3 big
outside pools and it’s open only on Saturday and Sunday.


EL CLUB HARRODS (Belgrano) : Inside pool
of 30x15m and opens everyday from 9am to 17 from December to February.


Parque) : Will offers you 2 pools and a nice diving.


PARQUE RIBERA : If you liked to go out
of the center, this park is a good option. You will find salt water pools, some
space to make good barbecue, foot ground and other sport fields.


OPEN PARK (Matanza) : Big space with 4
big pools but only open from january to February. You also have the opportunity
to get a subscription for the sport fields around (foot, aquagym, tennis) as
well as a nice barbecue space.



For the GOOD and CHEAP price, prefer the
public parks  which provide pools and
many space dedicated for the outside activity like Parque Manuel Belgrano
situated at Palermo.  You will find it a big
outside pool, 8 tennis court, a football ground, a cycling track and a fitness
room. The pool is open only during the week-end Saturday/Sunday from 10am to


Important: most of the swimming pools need a proof of medical control in
order to prevent mycoses and pediculosis. In general you can directly have the
medical test on site but it is better to call before to be sure that you can do
it on the spot.