2018-03-04 10:55:55

Tradition Mate


One of the first thing that you hear about Argentina when you arrive is the traditional « Mate » drink.  

So what is this special beverage that people sip at any time of the day and mostly everywhere ? 

The Mate also known as chimarrão in Portuguese  or cimarrón in Spanish is the famous traditional caffeine-rich infuse drink of South America. 

At first it was consumed by the indigenous Guaraní and Tupí .

Then it became popular in Argentina and Uruguay as the “national infusion”. 

How to prepare it: 

The simple process consist of filling your Mate cup with yerba; which is a mixture of herbs; pouring with hot water and drinking with the silver straw : the bombilla, without moving it. The bombilla acts as a filter so as to leads only the liquid and not the yerba in your mouth. 

However, the method of the preparation and the way to place the straw vary from region to region, but in general all the methods use common elements. 

You could buy a Mate cup in all the street market and you’ll also see the real artistic work of the creation of the cup and the straw. 

So now you know how to made your own Mate so let’s try and share the Argentina tradition.