2018-03-11 14:26:38

Back to School


Yes I know it’s already time to be back at school! 

Happy? Or depressed to go back to a « normal » life with regulatory schedule… Yea yea I know it’s not that easy to go back to school after long holidays like you just had. 

But every problem has its solution… and we are the solution!

With us, Argentina for ALL, we plan you a really nice program, chill, no stress and which will extend your holidays giving you the vacation's taste.

But I want to warn you: your studies are the priority, right ? Do not neglect your classes ;)

So now let yourself rock and join us towards several events during the next months.

To start, tomorrow on Monday March 12nd, I invite you to the unavoidable Bomba de Tiempo! This famous show is represented only during summer period and it’s a magical spectacle between percussions instruments and lights, which bring people to dance together to the sound of drums and share beers.

On Tuesday (March 13) let’s join us for dinner for a good Burger in Palermo and meet a part of our team composed of Argentina, American, French, Venezuela, Colombia and more people. It’s a good occasion to make new friends from everywhere in the world.

Thursday, ladies and gentlemen thank you to join us and be a part of our super weekly night at Liquid Bar: The After School for ALL. For this occasion we organise Beer Pong contest, you can enjoy our promotion of 2 free drinks before 10pm, and happy hour until 1am! So come to have fun, play and dance with us, we expect you!

Friday night, you don't know how to start? Where to start the night? I have the answer: come to our previa Fridrink in Palermo at the Brook. free entrance for ALL until 1am and 1 free drink for girls.

Saturday, come share with us a sportive afternoon with Volley ball. If you don’t have the sportive soul, no worries, and come to support your friends and share a good Pic-Nic all together.
By night, I have an other plan for you mouhahah… Yes I invite you to the international bar Tour!

You’ll discover new nice places to hang out in Palermo, and finish in a Big night club with all the group. Start shy, finish crazy.

And if your still alive on Sunday… come to fix your hangover at Tigre, charismatic city of fruits harbour, board in a little boat tour and enjoy the last rays of sun.

If you’re more courageous come to encourage your favourite players for the tournament of the month, or even be a part of the team.

But there is one event that you don’t have to miss... IGUAZU! Yes we are all going to Iguazu from March 22nd to 26.  A lot of surprises and good memories are waiting for you.

One more very busy week right? But don’t worry if you can’t participate to one of our event, we propose others every day of every week so I’m sure you’ll find your happiness.

Come visit our Facebook page to stay in touch with our everyday event and don’t miss the ones that you want. 

Xoxo.. Argentina for ALL