2018-03-19 15:17:03

The story of the Beer Pong


As you certainly know, we are huge fan of Beer Pong in Argentina For ALL. It is even our favourite sport, which we practise every week during our After-party School which takes place every Thursday evening in Liquid Bar.

It is moreover for that reason that we wondered with the team from where came this sport which fascinated us so much? It can gather the troops but also to create big existential conflicts (certain members of the staff can testify of it).

That's why, this week, we decided to tell you, through our weekly piece of news, the history of this sport which means a lot to us at Argentina For ALL. So, let usredraw its history:

At first, it is at the end of the 50s, at the university of Dartmouth, situated to Hanover, in the State of New Hampshire, that happened the first parts of this game. During the party of a brotherhood, pupils put their glasses of beer on a table-tennis table. At that time, the players used the real table-tennis table, with the real rackets and the real net, where from the origin of the name. It is only in the 80s that the players dropped rackets.

After that, a suite of coincidences was then behind the creation of this game. This university, cradle of Beer Pong, afterward authorized its practice as official activity of the school during more than 5 years. The purpose of the school was to use this game as way of socialization.

After having spread in all North America, this international sport became emancipated little by little and reached the European coast. It became one of the favourite pastimes of the European, which practises it during their parties.

Finally, after having conquered North America and Europe, Beer Pong arrived in Latin America. It is actually more and more practised through the South American capitals, such as Buenos Aires.

As we can see through this chronology of Beer Pong, it is thus about a sport which conquered several thousand people, no matter their age, their sex, their nationality, etc.

Then if you still had no opportunity to try this sport, it is time for you to try your luck and to discover the rules of Beer Pong with us next Thursday, in Liquid Bar! We look forward to seeing you all to be able to share with you one of our favourite passions.