2018-03-26 14:48:29

What to do in Buenos Aires when it is raining


Summer is going away little by little to let the place for Autumn … It appears very far to us the 35 degrees in the shade of the last month. 

Now, let's welcome the fresh wind and the rain!

We experimented during the last weekend for St Patrick, what was the Argentine rain: cloudbursts which fall for hours and hours until flood all the city. 

Moreover, you were certainly taken by surprise and a little lost, not to know what to do any more further to this storm.

This is why this week we decided to give you a bit of help and propose you alternatives in the Argentine rain not to remain alone in your bed.

First of all, although Buenos Aires is considered as its night-life, it is also about a city which abounds in culture, in particular thanks to its numerous museums (Malba, Mamba, Macba, etc.). 

Then why do not take advantage of rainy day to go to visit one of the numerous exhibitions proposed by this city, by joining one of our free tours for example (#MalbaForALL)?

Then, you can also take advantage of the bad weather to go for a shopping session. Although Argentina is not the ideal place to go shopping, the aficionados of the shopping can however go to make a tour near the sublime Galerias Pacifico. Otherwise, you can also opt for iconic Abasto Shopping or still the famous Alto Palermo.

Finally, if the culture and the shopping do not fascinate you, you can also take advantage of this wet weather to go to see a good movie at the cinema (Abasto or Alto Palermo for example) and finishing the evening by having dinner in a delicious parrilla.

Here we are now you have no more excuses to stay in your bed during the rainy days in Buenos Aires! 

We concocted you a good program. And then if ever you feel like joining people, do not hesitate to write us especially. It will be a pleasure to answer you!