2018-03-31 11:12:15

How to make the perfect Asado


Welcome to Argentina, country of amazing meat! 

First of all, I have to cultive you a little bit on the origin of the barbecue. In Spanish, Asado is the translation of Barbecue. And Barbecue takes its form from the Spanish word barbacoa which means "sacred fire pit"

Barbecue is a special method of cooking loved all around the world by several cultures and you can point out numerous variations of making an asado. 

Here the asado is a sacred concept of meal-as-ritual because of all its aspect and steps, it's like a real dedication. 

But be ready because the asado is a result of time effort and love put into it and you may have enough experience to make your own. 

So now, I'm going to give you some tips to make it possible and make your own asado, trying to do it as perfect as possible! 

First of all, the choice of the ingredients:

You have probably heard about the high quality of the meat in Argentina? Well it's not a legend and I recommend you to make profit of it. In fact the beef is considered as one of the best in the world. But if you are a meat addict then you will also enjoy the pork and the chicken. 

So don't loose a minute and run to a butcher to find out the best organic and natural meat you will probably never tried in your life. 

Then you have to notice different cuts of meat that a typical asado requires:

* Picadas: spread of cured meats and cheese

**Achuras: variety of sausages and organ meats like chorizo, mordilla, mollejas, rinones and chiculines

***Carne: large cuts of meat like bife de chorizo, vac, entrana, lichen, pollo or tira de asado

Secondly, the method to cook the meat:

The cooking method is well different and favours a subtle smoke that enhances, rather than overpowers the meat. 

You must find yourself natural hardwoods, which is natural and used in all Argentina frilling. In real it come from the prehistoric age method and it is preserving the real flavour of the meat. 

Then you can find different grilling methods like the standard one on a parrilla, or a larger one to cook the whole animal, which is an asador. The infiernillos is a multi-layered platforms that cook food from both the top and bottom, which is perfect to cook your veggies, cheese and other side dishes at the same time. And finally cast-iron chapas/planchas are used to sear and harden the meat. 

This variety of cooking method shows that Argentina barbecue is a real culture and ritual. 

Thirdly, condiments and sauces:

To make it perfect you may complete the asado with good sauces (not strong and commercial sauces though) like olive oil, sea salt, chimichurri, salsa criolla. All are natural and easy to make and it will permit to gently enhance the meat without taking control of your palate. 

Finally, let's felicitate the asador (maybe you?) 

One unavoidable part of the asado is a round of applause to the asador at the end. As you can see it's not that easy to make it perfect and stand for more than 4 hours looking after the meat and enjoying your friends while you are burning with the meat at the same time. 

So clapping for the grill master at the end is a good way for the guest to show their appreciation. 

Now you know all the secret to make a perfect asado, so let's do it! Hope you will enjoy it now!