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Culture and Secret about French food


French Food Culture and Secret


First of all a little bit of culture:

French food is known in the world for its culinary customs but more than it a French meal is a real celebration that you share with your family, friend and people around you.

It’s really convivial and important in a family to have this time together.  For example it’s unusual and not approved to scrounge around in the fridge or even eating and ordering fast food every week. The preparation of the meal is a really important process that comport the choice of the ingredients, the time of cooking and serving at the prescribed hour to enjoy it together.


3 round of meal a day: Breakfast/Petit déjeuner, Lunch/Repas du midi and Dinner/Dinner.


I can say you that you can set your watch by meal times served during your day. The most flexible is of course for the breakfast because of the different urban lifestyle. Lunch is felt more important as the meal is generally lead by 3 courses: starter, main meal and coffee. You don’t use to get mid-afternoon snacking, as the meal is really composed. Finally the inevitable dinner and for me the most important starting from 8:30pm and dining during 1 hour easily to 2 hours. You can still find "brasserie" or "bistro/restaurant" opening late until 2am. 


Now I will reveal you some secret about French food:


In France the tradition of the bread, the cheese and the wine are essential.  All
of them make a perfect pack for a really nice “aperitif” or perfect for going to a picnic somewhere in the grass. The bread, “la baguette” is the third most eaten food in France as it complemented every meal. The quality of the bakery is a real heritage since ages and can make you a perfect crusty baguette and beautiful crumbly croissants or pain au chocolat.

The cheese is seemed kind of royal because it generally end your meal degusting different strong tastes and you can find really good cheese in several artisanal market or shop. You never forget to fill up your fridge with 4 or 5 good brick of cheese. And the wine is just as drinking a glass of water, it’s really common for French people to enjoy a glass of wine for lunch, some others back home after your work and a last one during the dinner. The quality of French wine is also really appreciated around the world.


The taste of good savor is something that French people are really looking for when eating or cooking and they like to combine ingredient in order to raise the flavors. As you can understand one the best secret is to combine ingredient try to get good matching between them. And sometimes don’t be scared to mix all the rest of your food in your fridge and make a big pasta sauce with veggies and sausage on the stove or even a “quiche” cooking the food and letting wait 20 min in the oven for a perfect golden tarte.


The coffee, another important one, it rhythms the day of most of the French people, it is generally appreciated when
talking with your friends in a “Café” and just spending your time with a cigarette and redoing the world. Paris is certainly the best example of the “Café” society. It feels a real pleasure to go get your hot drink, surrounded by people, it’s a cozy and warm atmosphere where you can socialize or read the journal.

One more secret for you, never forget to take the time to smell the ingredients leaving you guessing the flavor of the taste in order to appreciate the most the eating moment.